Mr Marmalade

A Wizard of Whimsy for Any Occasion

The late hours of the evening and the early hours of the morning are known as the witching hours for a reason, and it is during this time that Mr Marmalade's star truly shines. If your patrons are looking for something a little bit different as they spend the evening in your venue or festival, Mr Marmalade could very well fit the bill. Combining professionalism with an air of hedonism, Mr Marmalade loves nothing more than to take a good time and make it something truly memorable through the power of the impossible.

Whether your venue is a high-end cocktail bar, a rough and ready rock and roll dive, or a patchouli infused outdoor lovefest, Mr Marmalade's versatility allows him to mix and mingle with people from all walks of life, and give them an experience that they are unlikely to forget any time soon.

"It's not often that you find a multi talented real life wizard. Someone that can charm the hordes of festival goers whilst inciting multiple head scratch confused and delighted moments - Left wondering if they really saw that, how did he do that and where did he come from? Not only was it a pleasure to hire and work with Mr Marmalade, it was pure magic to watch him gather his crowd and astound! Bravo to a brilliant performer. I hope to work with him again and again and again!"

Corrie Robbins, Performance art Curator (Lost Paradise Festival)

"Fantastic! The patrons loved him, and we will definitely have him back!" Leo, Venue Manager at House of Maximon, Mendoza Social Club and Euro House (Bar Berlin)